The Geneva Consensus: making trade work for all

As Director-General of the World Trade Organization, Pascal Lamy chaired the Doha Round of negotiations and witnessed a rapidly changing international trade environment. In his first book since leaving the WTO, Lamy reflects on his time there and outlines his views on the significance of open trade in generating global economic growth, reducing poverty and creating jobs around the world. He argues that trade can only act as a motor for growth if the correct mix of domestic and international economic and social policies is in place. This approach – the ‘Geneva Consensus’ – requires deeper cooperation and policy coherence between the international organizations active in setting international economic, social and political policies. The Geneva Consensus describes the ongoing efforts to put this into effect, calling for more effective global governance to tackle the challenges of globalization. It also examines relationships between trade and the key social, economic and political issues of our time.

  • Comprehensive account of how international trade fits into the global mix of economic and social policies needed to tackle the challenges of globalization provides interesting new perspectives on the key issues of our time
  • Draws on the author’s in-depth knowledge of trade issues and his regular contact with world leaders over many years to outline how international co-operation can help to achieve more effective global governance
  • Summarizes succinctly the key challenges facing the global community and what is needed to tackle these challenges

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