World Policy Conference – Debate on Trade and Policy

Commercial affairs, in the broad sense of the term, have always been a central part of international relations and always interfered with security issues. In our day and age, as a result of globalization, economic exchanges have gone largely beyond commercial exchanges (services, capital flows, direct investments, etc.) and form a more and more tightly-meshed network. The objective of this session will be to: consider the economic and political implications of today’s waning multi-lateralism alongside the mushrooming of often-competing bilateral agreements; take stock of the major negotiations underway, such as the TTIP and TPP; and also to address the problem of economic arms (sanctions) in international relations.

Patrick Messerlin, Professor of Economics and Director of the Groupe d’économie mondiale (GEM) at Sciences Po Paris

Bark Taeho, Professor at Seoul National University; former Minister for Trade, Korea
Alejandro Jara, Senior Counsel, King & Spalding; former Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Chile, WTO
Pascal Lamy, Honorary President of Notre Europe; former Director-General of the WTO
John Manley, President and CEO, Canadian Council of Chief Executives

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