« Trump has a point: the rules on international trade need to be changed »

Donald Trump muốn cải tổ hay « xóa sổ » Tổ Chức Thương Mại Thế Giới ?

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English Version :

  1. Over the past quarter century, world trade has grown strongly, but the WTO has been slowly transitioning and adapting. After joining the organization in 2001, China quickly took advantage of the favorable conditions of free trade and multilateral trade to develop trade and become the second largest economy in the world. world, after the United States. The need for WTO reform is even more urgent than ever because «China today is different from China when it joined the WTO», as stated by former general manager Pascal Lamy on French TV station BFM Business, 14 / 08/2019.
  2. According to former WTO director Pascal Lamy, «Trump has a point: the rules on international trade need to be changed», for example, to ensure fair and fair competition, there should be clear regulations. on state subsidies for businesses. In this file, according to Mr. Lamy, in fact, not only does China provide mass subsidies for businesses, but the United States does the same in agriculture. And the US-China trade war further strengthens this institution’s inability.
  3. The US attitude towards the WTO clearly shows two paradoxes: Despite strong criticism of the WTO, especially the Council for Dispute Resolution, the United States has the most complaints. According to WTO statistics, from 1995 up to now, there have been a total of 592 lawsuits in which the United States has 132 cases, the European Union 104, the third is Canada, 40 cases … Former WTO Director-General Pascal Lamy said, «In more than 80% of cases, the plaintiff wins the case», that is, the United States won more than it lost at the WTO.