Stop funding over fishing – Prove that environment and trade can work hand-in-hand

25 reasons to reach a deal

In its 25th year, the WTO has the opportunity to herald a new and better era for people and the planet, and in doing so, reach an SDG 14 target before its deadline.

WTO negotiators have 25 working days between the start of the third meeting cluster on Monday, November 2, and the end of the fourth and last cluster of 2020 on Friday, December 4, to reach an agreement to end harmful fisheries subsidies by the end of the year.

Each day of the countdown, we will give the WTO one more reason to reel in a deal.

Reason 5

Prove that environment and trade can work hand-in-hand

If there is one topic on which the WTO members should easily agree, it’s ending subsidies that drive overfishing. We have to be better at making both trade and environment work hand in hand.

Pascal Lamy

former WTO Director-General

WTO member governments have many difficult decisions to take as they respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. But now, perhaps more than ever, we need to come together to solve urgent problems as a global community. Disciplining harmful fisheries subsidies would be a clear, concrete, and visible step in WTO history toward integrating trade and environmental protection to the benefit of both areas. This would reaffirm belief in the WTO’s ability to address sustainable development issues at a vital moment for the organization and multilateralism.

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