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In conversation with… Pascal Lamy

This hour-long dialogue between MIF board member Pascal Lamy and members of the Foundation’s Now Generation Network focused on Africa’s green & blue wealth

Euroquestions | Will the invasion of Ukraine strengthen or weaken the EU integration process?

Leaving Brexit aside, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is the most important geopolitical development in Europe since the fall of the Berlin wall, which opened a sequence during which EU integration overall moved forward. This trend was confirmed in recent years, including with the Covid crisis. But will it be the case this time again? Whereas […]

Pascal Lamy: A united Africa can win at Cop27

The former Director-General of the World Trade Organisation says that Africa must adopt united positions on finance and the energy transition if it is to succeed at Cop27 in Egypt. Gravel-voiced and with eyes that miss nothing, Pascal Lamy is used to driving a hard bargain. As Director-General of the World Trade Organisation from 2005 to […]

L’Afrique a le choix de tous ses partenaires

De son parcours dans les instances internationales (OMC, Fondation Mo Ibrahim) Pascal Lamy, 75 ans, capitalise sur une riche vision stratégique. Il dessine une trajectoire pour l’Europe et l’Afrique au milieu des crises et des conflits de puissances. Le fond de tableau que nous connaissons, sans lequel ce qui se passe en Ukraine n’est pas […]

Pascal Lamy: Africa’s position at Cop27

Former director-general of the WTO Pascal Lamy joins us to discuss Africa’s position on global climate change ahead of Cop27 in November. Few people understand issues of international trade, development and environment as well as Pascal Lamy. Following eight years as director-general of the World Trade Organisation, Lamy now serves on the board of the Mo Ibrahim […]

Pascal Lamy on the climate crisis: “We have to go way back to find a global picture as depressing as today”

Cop27 in Egypt must focus on bespoke solutions for the host continent, says the former WTO head. By Philippa Nuttall Pascal Lamy, the former director-general of the World Trade Organisation, likes to keep busy. At 75 many of his peers are settling into their retirement. Lamy, by his own admission, wears “25 hats”. Our video call […]