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Take part in the 2021 Paris Peace Forum Spring Meeting

JOIN US LIVE ON 17 MAY, 17:00 – 19:45 CEST / Paris time Helping bridge the North-South divide on critical challenges: vaccines, debt, climate After three successful editions gathering 25 000 participants, 125 heads of state and government, and 333 projects, the Paris Peace Forum is entering a new phase. In addition to being an annual event, […]

Podcast – Trade for Peace: A Conversation with Mr. Pascal Lamy

In this episode, former WTO Director-General, Pascal Lamy in conversation with host Axel M. Addy, tells the audience how trade opening, regional economic integration and aid for trade are pathways to economic prosperity for long-lasting peace. After introducing the innovative approach being undertaken by the Paris Peace Forum to promote peace, he shares his views […]

Vaccines for Africa is a Matter of Global Security

COVID-19 is an enemy that knows no borders. There will be no final victory until every person in every country is protected. With a population of over 1.3 billion, Africa is one of the most unprotected and vulnerable regions. It would be a fatal mistake to consider that the pandemic there is less severe, and […]

High-Level Group of Personalities on Africa-Europe Relations

The established High-Level Group of Personalities represents the steering group of the Africa Europe Foundation, providing the political and strategic orientations for the work of the Foundation; it is composed of representatives of the founding organisations, the established High-Level Group members as well as co-chairs of the Africa Europe Strategy Groups (ex-officio) affiliated to the […]

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, L’Africaine la plus influente du monde

Elue directrice générale de l’OMC, l’ancienne ministre nigériane des Finances aura pour mission principale de réformer en profondeur une institution clé en perte de vitesse. Alain Faujaus À Abuja comme à Genève où elle a été élue, le 15 février, directrice-générale de l’Organisation Mondiale du Commerce (OMC), vous ne verrez jamais Nogozi Okonjo-Iweala qu’en coiffe […]

Launch of the Africa Europe Foundation marks major effort to transform dialogue into action

Leading personalities from across Africa and Europe have offered their support to yesterday’s launch of the Africa Europe Foundation, a platform of platforms that will facilitate strategic dialogue, catalyse partnerships and unlock new opportunities that can transform Africa-Europe relations into action. The Africa Europe Foundation was founded by Friends of Europe (a leading European think-tank) and the Mo Ibrahim […]