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Challenges and Opportunities of Korea’s Foreign Policy as a Developed Country

Alexander Downer, Eun Mee Kim, Nicolas Köhler-Suzuki, Pascal Lamy, Federica Mogherini, Ramon Pacheco Pardo, Michael Reiterer, Scott. A. Snyder, Jisun Song and Young-Kwan Yoon The South Korea of 2022 is a developed country, a strong democracy, and a cultural powerhouse. The old adage of South Korea being a ‘shrimp among whales’ is outdated and does not […]

Para Lamy, mundo entra em ‘slowbalization’

Para ex-diretor-geral da OMC, a urgência climática aumenta mais rapidamente do que a militarPor Assis Moreira — De Genebra A geopolítica voltou a se impor sobre a geoeconomia. A principal manifestação dessa nova realidade mundial é a rivalidade entre os Estados Unidos e a China, e isso se reflete também na guerra da Rússia contra […]

Le nouvel âge de la mondialisation : vers un monde plus fragmenté

Les échanges internationaux tendent désormais à s’organiser au sein de grands blocs commerciaux de plus en plus rivaux. Chine, Europe ou États-Unis veulent davantage assurer leur autonomie stratégique et ne sont plus les défenseurs inconditionnels du libre-échange. Le sujet sera au menu du forum de Davos, qui s’ouvre dimanche 22 mai. Julie de la Brosse et […]

[VIP Webinar Series] China’s Trade and Investment Scenario: Looking back and looking forward

To celebrate our 20th anniversary, the European Chamber hosted a ‘VIP Webinar Series’ in May 2020 with the world’s leading industry experts, scholars, political consultants and strategists, on a variety of topics including economy, politics, technology, sustainability, EU-China relation and EU-China-US triangle. The webinar series were well received and attracted over a thousand attendees. This […]

New world order? Pandemic and war rattle globalisation

PARIS: Globalisation, which has both fans and detractors alike, is being tested like never before after the one-two punch of Covid and war. The pandemic had already raised questions about the world’s reliance on an economic model that has broken trade barriers, but made countries heavily reliant on each other as production was delocalised over […]

Analysis: « Slow-balisation »: how war, pandemic are reshaping global trade

By Philip Blenkinsop BRUSSELS, March 31 (Reuters) – Raising the drawbridge has been a response to war and pestilence throughout human history, and the tumultuous winter of 2022 has similarly led trading nations to turn inward – though talk that the era of globalisation may be winding down seems premature. The damage to international commerce stemming […]