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EU ministerial to focus on Antarctica’s protection

Ministers from countries backing further Antarctic marine protection met on 29 September to discuss how to win support of Russia and China for increased action. European Commissioner, Virginijus Sinkevičius, is hosting ministers ahead of the annual meeting of the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Living Marine Resources (CCAMLR) that will decide on three large-scale […]

The EU goes toe-to-toe with Russia and China over Antarctica

The EU wants to protect 3 million square kilometers of the Southern Ocean. by Louise Guillot·13 HOURS AGO·4 MINUTE READThe European Commission’s effort to play a bigger role in the world is running into trouble even in Antarctica. Ursula von der Leyen said she wanted to run a “geopolitical Commission”, and Brussels is pushing for […]

Bulletin of Geophysics and Oceanography – An International Journal of Earth Sciences

The Starfish Mission: an Italian perspective – Supplement N. 3, September 2021, Vol. 62 Download the pdf

The Ocean Race Summit Europe

The ocean is currently governed by many different legal structures of varying levels of complexity, that reside within numerous local, national, European and international, European bodies, national and local sectors and institutions. This often poses  challenges for effective and sustainable governance. In this session we assess how this current system is working and hear of […]

Antarctique : “Nous exhortons le Président Macron à travailler avec les autres dirigeants mondiaux pour obtenir le plus grand acte de protection océanique au monde” (Pascal Lamy)

Laréunion consultative du Traité sur l’Antarctique (RCTA), organisée par la France à l’occasion de son 60e anniversaire, vient de s’achever sur un message vidéo du président Macron (ci-dessous), qui a souligné l’importance de l’Antarctique et de son océan Austral, et la façon dont les changements dans la région sont “un indicateur de l’état de santé de notre planète”.  […]

Protection, Restoration, Resilience – How the EU can turn the tide for our seas [Ocean Week]

The ocean plays an integral role in the survival of our planet, but right now, it’s under attack and is losing the battle. Climate change, overfishing, habitat destruction and pollution have joined forces to push nature at sea to the brink. But what can be done? And how can the EU turn the tide to […]