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Le lent virage protectionniste américain

En Europe, comme ailleurs dans le monde, l’adoption par les États-Unis de la législation dite IRA (« Inflation Reduction Act ») a retenti comme un coup de tonnerre en raison du caractère protectionniste et contraire au droit commercial international de certaines dispositions ouvrant droit à des subventions pour l’électrification des véhicules. Comme si, une fois passées les […]

« Mercator Ocean International : vers un jumeau numérique de l’Océan », par Marine & Océans

Marine & Océans vient de publier un nouveau numéro dans lequel figure un dossier spécial Mercator Ocean International. 2022 est à nouveau une année clé pour Mercator Ocean International, pourquoi ? Madame von der Leyen a annoncé la création du jumeau numérique européen au One Ocean Summit. Mais qu’est-ce qu’un jumeau numérique de l’Océan, à […]

Environment and International Trade: The New European Posture

Pascal Lamy & Geneviève Pons International trade and the environment: a complex and debated relationship at the theoretical level, though certain principles now seem to be established, if not recognized Since the 1990s, when environmental issues — and in particular climate change — began to occupy a prominent place in international affairs, the relationship between […]

Reshaping the global order by Pascal Lamy

That the world is in the midst of a global ‘polycrisis’ or ‘permacrisis’ has rightly andunfortunately become conventional wisdom. The evidence is everywhere, from the Russianinvasion of Ukraine to global warming, from the Covid pandemic to a looming debt overhangin developing countries, from the return of infl ation to the rise of autocracies, from the […]

GT12 – Make-or-break: Including multilateral environmental agreements as “essential elements” in EU free trade agreements

Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) are a critical tool for aligning the EU’s trade and environmental agendas. FTAs can encourage the ratification and implementation of commitments made under Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs). To address limitations of existing MEA references in FTAs, momentum is building in the EU to elevate MEA provisions to the status of “essential […]

BIZERTE DECLARATION For a safe, healthy, and peaceful Ocean by 2050

In Sharm El Sheik, for the first time in the history of the Conference of the Parties, a pavilion and a thematic day were dedicated to the oceans. This surely represents a step forward in the recognition of the importance of oceans for international climate action. COP27 welcomed the outcomes and key messages of the discussions on oceans and climate change, […]