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BIZERTE DECLARATION For a safe, healthy, and peaceful Ocean by 2050

In Sharm El Sheik, for the first time in the history of the Conference of the Parties, a pavilion and a thematic day were dedicated to the oceans. This surely represents a step forward in the recognition of the importance of oceans for international climate action. COP27 welcomed the outcomes and key messages of the discussions on oceans and climate change, […]

The European Union and China: decarbonising together?

In view of the upcoming COP27 in Egypt, Pascal Lamy analyses where the EU and China stand on their paths to decarbonisation. Theformer Director-General of the World Trade Organisation explains why – in spite of persisting divergences,he believes Brussels and Beijing should and could tighten their cooperation in this crucial endeavour. PascalLamy identifies 6 key […]

Challenges and Opportunities of Korea’s Foreign Policy as a Developed Country

Alexander Downer, Eun Mee Kim, Nicolas Köhler-Suzuki, Pascal Lamy, Federica Mogherini, Ramon Pacheco Pardo, Michael Reiterer, Scott. A. Snyder, Jisun Song and Young-Kwan Yoon The South Korea of 2022 is a developed country, a strong democracy, and a cultural powerhouse. The old adage of South Korea being a ‘shrimp among whales’ is outdated and does not […]

Delivering a Sea – Change: A G7 Ocean Finance Deal

Europe Jacques Delors Institute & ORRAA launch report calling upon G7 to secure financing to prevent ocean degradation. Europe Jacques Delors Institute & ORRAA launch report calling upon G7 to secure financing to prevent ocean degradation The G7 Foreign Ministers’ Communiqué of 14 May states the G7 is committed to mobilising resources, from all sources, […]

Suspendre les préférences commerciales au retour des migrants, Une erreur géopolitique, un nonsens pour le développement

Citer cet article:Hassel A., Lamy P., Pons G. & Vignon J. 2022. «Suspendre les préférences commerciales au retour des migrants», Blogpost, Paris: Institut Jacques Delors, 22 avril. Les hasards du calendrier législatif européen ont fait que vient en débat entre les institutions de l’UE l’adoption d’un règlement sur la réforme décennale du Système européen des préférences […]

GRAPE 2: A narrow path for EU agri-food mirror measures?

The purpose of this paper is to provide a legal analysis of the relevant international trade agreements and case law, as well as to sketch out the scope of EU action on the matter. The EU can adopt any sustainability measure for agri-food production it deems appropriate, but it needs to be able to justify […]