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Le nouvel âge de la mondialisation : vers un monde plus fragmenté

Les échanges internationaux tendent désormais à s’organiser au sein de grands blocs commerciaux de plus en plus rivaux. Chine, Europe ou États-Unis veulent davantage assurer leur autonomie stratégique et ne sont plus les défenseurs inconditionnels du libre-échange. Le sujet sera au menu du forum de Davos, qui s’ouvre dimanche 22 mai. Julie de la Brosse et […]

Former policy chiefs warn EU over hunt for non-Russian fossil fuels

By Reuters  •  Updated: 04/05/2022 – 11:40 By Kate Abnett BRUSSELS -The European Union must avoid locking itself into years of dependence on fossil fuels as it races to replace Russian oil and gas with supplies from other countries, 11 former EU policy chiefs have said in a letter to the bloc’s current leadership. The European Commission will this month unveil […]

Comprendre le monde – Pascal Lamy – « Guerre en Ukraine : fin de la mondialisation ? »

Face à la guerre russo-ukrainienne, l’Europe et la mondialisation sont aujourd’hui en crise. D’une part, cette guerre a certes mis en exergue une relative unité européenne dans la mise en place de sanction à l’égard de Moscou. Néanmoins, les volontés d’autonomie stratégique européenne semblent se dissiper face à la violence de la Russie et la […]

[VIP Webinar Series] China’s Trade and Investment Scenario: Looking back and looking forward

To celebrate our 20th anniversary, the European Chamber hosted a ‘VIP Webinar Series’ in May 2020 with the world’s leading industry experts, scholars, political consultants and strategists, on a variety of topics including economy, politics, technology, sustainability, EU-China relation and EU-China-US triangle. The webinar series were well received and attracted over a thousand attendees. This […]

Le Pen, patriots and the anti-globalist movement

Pascal Lamy on the French election and the nationalist right. Gideon talks to former World Trade Organization chief Pascal Lamy about the French election and what political trends in France tell us about nationalism and anti-globalist movements around the world. Gideon Rachman : Hello and welcome to the Rachman Review. I’m Gideon Rachman, chief foreign […]

Putin, Ukraine and the revival of the west

[…] All of these discordant notes underline that any initial impression that the whole world had united in outrage against Russia was clearly misleading. Instead there is an “axis of outrage” centred on the western alliance and an “axis of indifference” centred on the Global South. Recommended War in Ukraine: free to read Weaponisation of […]