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Report – Shaping our future

Foreword by Martin Schulz We are living in troubled times, and one sometimes gets the impression that the world is coming apart at the seams. And for exactly this reason I am convinced that progressive forces have a duty to ensure social cohesion in times of turbulence. This is the core element of our policy […]

El Confidencial – López afea a Díaz que muestre músculo: « Es mejor escuchar a los afiliados que moverlos »

El exlendakari replica en Twitter al multitudinario acto de la baronesa en Madrid . Pero su aviso también va dirigido a Sánchez, que tira de grandes formatos pero no « da la palabra » a las bases

Queries qn°8 – The Globalisation of Social Democracy

The metamorphosis of international relations brought about by the processes of globalisation on the one hand and the global financial crisis on the other, have thrown up a divisive set of questions within the left around progressive internationalism and outward facing political and economic integration. In this dialectic, the concept of cosmopolitanism has come under […]