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L’Afrique a le choix de tous ses partenaires

De son parcours dans les instances internationales (OMC, Fondation Mo Ibrahim) Pascal Lamy, 75 ans, capitalise sur une riche vision stratégique. Il dessine une trajectoire pour l’Europe et l’Afrique au milieu des crises et des conflits de puissances. Le fond de tableau que nous connaissons, sans lequel ce qui se passe en Ukraine n’est pas […]

Berlin Bulletin: Trust is eroding — Still happy together — Outside view

BY FLORIAN EDER AND LAURENZ GEHRKE SEPTEMBER 2, 2022 1:30 PM OUTSIDE VIEW BULLETIN INTERVIEW: Germany’s harshest critics sit of course in “Washington and Warsaw,” noted Pascal Lamy. “There is a lot of finger-pointing,” said the president of the Paris Peace Forum, former European commissioner and world trade supremo, veteran Socialist politician, and a — very active — former head […]

Former WTO Director defends multilateralism on ‘Talking Foreign Affairs’

August, 16, 2022 Former WTO Director-General, Pascal Lamy, was the recent guest on ‘Talking Foreign Affairs’ with Adil Cader. The two discuss WTO, international institutions and their role in the contemporary scenario. The host Adil Cader opens with a question on importance of the World Trade Organization to global affairs. The former director-general responds that […]

Deglobalization Is Not Inevitable

How the World Trade Organization Can Shore Up the Global Economic Order By Pascal Lamy and Nicolas Köhler-Suzuki June 9, 2022 As trade officials gather on the calm shores of Lake Geneva for the World Trade Organization’s long-delayed 12th ministerial conference, a perfect storm is brewing in the multilateral trading system. The cumulative effects of the […]

Pascal Lamy: «Crisi alimentare bomba d’instabilità politica sui paesi in via di sviluppo»

Parla l’ex Commissario europeo per il commercio, oggi presidente di Paris Peace Forum e chairman per l’Europa di Brunswick group di Roberto Da Rin 22 maggio 2022 Una crisi drammatica da cui l’Europa uscirà indebolita o rafforzata. Uno dei punti cruciali riguarda il pericolo di involuzione protezionistica che genererebbe danni gravi per tutti. La globalizzazione […]

Politico for leader building a sustainable future – Planning for the breach

By LORRAINE WOELLERT  05/20/2022 12:02 PM EDT THE OVERSHOOT — What if we don’t make it? Under the 2015 Paris Agreement, the world agreed to limit — or at least try to limit — global warming to 1.5° Celsius. But we’re approaching that horizon now, and chances are pretty good that we’ll breach it. The Intergovernmental Panel […]